16 February 2020,   23:22
The cost of the bloody night of June 20 was 190 thousand Lari

"The expenses of the raid of June 20-21 were hundreds of thousands of Lari" - said Levan Khabeishvili, a member of the Tbilisi City Assembly faction "United National Movement." Leader of the opposition said that the expenses of the dispersal were paid from the budget, the amount of money was 190,000 Lari.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs spent 14,000 GEL for Giorgi Gagaria"s press conference on June 27.
The opposition speaks about the unreasonable expenditure of the budget and the responsibility of the individuals.
"People who were brought us to screw us, to mutilate our eyes and to break our heads, then were paid for food, lunch, water and hotel, but the Minister is not going to resign", - said Mr Khabeishvili.