25 February 2020,   04:48
Minister of Internal Affairs wraps up in another scandal

The main police officer of the country claims that the opposition was planning an entrance permit revolution. Giorgi Gakharia met with experts and analysts behind closed doors and talked about the events of June 20. The Interior Minister told the experts at the closed meeting that the opposition gave entrance permits to citizens who were outraged about Garilov"s visit to Georgia, which is one of the evidence that the coup was being prepared in the country. To make it more convincing, the experts were informed about the permit statistics.
According to the footage taken on the 20th of June, it is established that not only the ordinary citizens with permits could enter the building but also the lawmakers were not let in. The question arises why the Ministry of Internal Affairs failed to prevent this case the coup organized by citizens with permits during nine hours and why the case resulted in the dispersal?
The permit revolution is hilarious for the opposition. The MPs say that the more Gakharia is trying to make up the coup version, the more mistakes he makes.
Experts from the closed meeting talked about another interesting detail. Giorgi Gakharia explains why they used the rocket orange bullet, which is lethal for people from a close distance because people could not be stopped with the rubber black bullets in Pankisi, so they used more strict measures in Tbilisi.