23 October 2019,   01:54
They violate the law, do not give us the case materials, - Melia"s lawyer

Nike Melia"s lawyer has made a statement that the case against the MP is being filed artificially. The lawyer made statement after he got acquainted with the lawmaker"s allegations.

Giorgi Kondakhashvili left the Prosecutor"s Office a few minutes ago. He claims that the Prosecutor"s Office does not give him the case materials based on which Nika Melia has been accused of causing group violence.

"It is an unprecedented decision that the criminal proceedings against the person is underway for the second day. The lawyer is informed about charge. I ask evidences and they don"t show them. They say that they will call and give me later. Nicanor Melia has the right to know what the charges are based on, "said Giorgi Kondakhashvili.