23 October 2019,   01:28
"Each MP will bear responsibility " - Bobokhidze says about Melia"s possible detention

The Parliament should discuss the issue of termination of the MP"s immunity in order to arrest Nika Melia. The opposition is convinced that the internal agreement is reached and the majority will support termination of the MP"s immunity for Nika Melia to arrest him.
"Each MP, who will vote for this decision, will bear responsibilities. The internal agreement has been reached, the government will not allow another defeat on that issue, "said one of the leaders of the European Georgia Akaki Bobokhidze.
One of the leaders of the "National Movement" Roman Gotsiridze says that the situation is very dangerous and the government is taking steps that characterize dictatorship.
Gotsiridze thinks that the government will receive the worst outcome from Melia"s detention.