25 February 2020,   13:52
"Very alarming" - Opposition assesses Mike Pompeo"s messages and criticizes the government

There is a response to the strong assessment made by the US Secretary of State towards the Georgian Dream"s government in Tbilisi. Mike Pompeo"s statement will cost Georgia a lot - they say in the opposition stating that the messages are alarming. According to their assessment, the government is obliged to conduct democratic elections in 2020. In the majority, they promise that Georgia will take into consideration all recommendations from a strategic partner and friend.
"As for the judiciary, there are challenges and that"s why we started working on the fourth wave of reform, we have successfully completed this part of the reform and have improved the legislation and we are ready to take all recommendations from our partners," said Irakli Kobakhidze.
The "National Movement" assesses Pompeo"s statements as alarming and draws attention to the government"s wrong policy with the strategic partner.
"These messages are very alarming. The fact that the Secretary of State thinks that these messages have been publicly disclosed, means the only thing that the Georgian government has received them many times behind the closed door, but it seems that the recommendations have not yet been fulfilled, " - says Salome Samadashvili.
The "European Georgia" considers alarming Mike Pompeo"s messages. According to Gigi Ugulava, Ivanishvili"s government has thus been explicitly ordered to hold democratic elections.
"These statements are extremely alarming, especially concerning the court and democracy, which concerns the functioning of the country, it is indicative that Ivanishvili"s government is obliged to conduct democratic elections in 2020," said Gigi Ugulava.
Eka Beselia, a former MP from the ruling party, said that the neglect of the strategic partners" recommendations in the political reality that Georgia has with Russia is a big threat.