15 September 2019,   09:26
10 juveniles were transferred to Kutaisi clinic - Sausage is named as an alleged cause of poisoning

Ten juveniles are diagnosed with severe intoxication and transferred from Zugdidi to Kutaisi clinic.
The Ukrainian citizen did not comment to  the media when leaving Zugdidi Referral clinic . In Kutaisi she told the Courier that she was passing through Georgia and goes to meet her spouse.
At the same time, she says that all ten are her children and said about it in the hospital.
Recall that the same said in the Courier"s telephone conversation her husband, who is currently in Russia. He says that his wife and children are going to Sokhumi and are waiting for documents in Zugdidi.
According to the doctor of Kutaisi infectious hospital, 7 children have already been brought and they are expecting three more. As the doctor said they have food poisoning caused by sausage.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs has already launched investigation into human trafficking.The investigative agency must find out whether juveniles are victims of possible trafficking, as they have found suspicious circumstances in the documentation.The lady, who brought the children from Moscow to Zugdidi yesterday, claims that all 10are her children, and documents show that 4 out of 10 children were born in the same year - 2017.