26 June 2019,   22:19
Protest rally in Nutsubidze N26 - part of population demands to stop construction of 22-storied building

Another protest rally in Nutsubidze 26 - Part of population protests against construction of 22-storied building and demands stop construction.
Aleko Elisashvili, chairman of the Civil Movement, joined the rally. According to him, the construction of the building will bring catastrophic results.
"You can not build this building here. How can you build a building between two buildings. This is the hostility towards the city that has started and which is going on. Why Kaladze is not ashamed, I am very interested. The one who has issued this building permit is the enemy of the city, "Aleko Elisashvili said.
The second part of the population demands construction of the building. They hope that the City Hall will give them apartments promised years ago in this building.