26 June 2019,   21:50
In Zugdidi, 10 children were hospitalized with signs of intoxication, including one seven months old girl

In Zugdidi referral hospital, 10 children have been diagnosed with food poisoning , including a seven-month-old girl, and the senior is 11 years old. All 10 children are transferred to Kutaisi infectious hospital .
According to Zugdidi Referral Hospital doctor, juveniles had vomiting and general weakness. According to him, there is a 5-6-month age difference between children.The children lived in Zugdidi, in one of the residential buildings, with a woman.
According to the current information, they are citizens of Ukraine and the apartment was rented yesterday.The Ukrainian citizen claims that the children are hers children and says that there is a document giving the permission to take abroad her juvenile child.
She did not answer other questions of journalists.According to locals, children were crying for the whole day, after which they called the emergency brigade and patrol police.
"She was saying she was from Ukraine. 4 out of these 10 children are under 2 years old, the rest were 6 years, 7 years, 9 years old. They were in a very bad condition, they had no food, they did not have anything to wear, "says one of the locals.
The locals suspect that the woman was going to sell the children in Abkhazia. A man who rented the apartment denies the allegation of trafficking and claims that he is the father of children.
A special group of the MIA is investigating the case