23 October 2019,   02:33
Opposition assesses Lasha Zhvania`s resignation from president`s administration

The opposition responds to the decision of the head of the presidential administration to resign four months after the inauguration of the president.
According to the opponents of the government, Lasha Zhvania has left Salome Zourabichvili because of the conflict.According to the opposition members, after the president dismissed many people from the administration, there was a confrontation between Zourabichvili and Zhvania. " After the elections, the president"s administration has released a lot of people and a number of high professionals. This is usually an attempt to dismantle institutional memory and attempt to destroy institutions for the purpose of fighting for places, nepotism is the main driving force here; so , as it seems, between the presidents and the head of administration apparently there has been confrontation in recent months, "Sergo Ratiani, a member of the European Georgia said.

According to the opposition members, it does not matter who will leave first the Georgian Dream or the President"s administration. According to them, the population will eventually say goodbye to the current government.
"Whoever is today in power knows very well what their governance has brought for the Georgian population during these seven years. Increased hardship, increased crime, fallen and dismantled economy, increased unemployment, more people fleeing from Georgia in search of a better life . They know that Georgian people will not forgive this and they will make the verdict very soon. This is the political fall of the Georgian Dream, and it is best understood by people who represent the government today. Who will leave earlier, who will go later, it is less important, the main thing is that the population of Georgia will soon say farewell to this government, "said UNM member Zurab Melikishvili.
The head of administration leaves Salome Zourabichvili four months after the inauguration of the president. Lasha Zhvania wrote on Facebook on his own page. The head of the administration says that from May 1 he will return to the Patriarchate`s Fund again.