23 October 2019,   01:12
Lasha Zhvania leaves the post of presidential administration`s head

Lasha Zhvania leaves the post of the Head of the President`s Administration and returns to the Patriarch"s Fund as Zhvania writes on his Facebook page.
He writes that he "appealed to the president and commander in chief" in March to "release him from the position at any convenient for her time " and this time, as Zhvania notes, is May 1.
Lasha Zhvania writes that the Patriarch did not release him from the Foundation despite his request to appoint him as head of the president"s administration and he will now return to his post.
"At the time when I assumed the office at the Presidency, his Holiness satisfied the President’s request to assign me to the President’s administration, but did not release me from the Charity Foundation of the Patriarchy.”
“So starting from May 1, I will leave the President’s administration and continue my work with my sweet and wise Patriarch,” Zhvania wrote
.He also thanked President Zurabishvili for endowing him with great responsibility and wished her the ability to differ kind from vicious.He is grateful to the President for the given opportunity.