23 October 2019,   01:22
Advisory Council has dismissed Adjara TV Director by a majority of votes - a member of the election commission of Adjara is viewed as her substitute

The Advisory Board of Adjara Television has dismissed the director by a majority vote.
Natia Kapanadze connected the decision of the Board of Advisors to the independent editorial policy of the television.
Kapanadze has already stated that she has been dismissed from the position by the people for whom the criticism of the government from the TV station is unacceptable.
Natia Kapanadze will continue to dispute in the court. GYLA will defend her interests.
Two members of the Board of Advisors initiated the impeachment procedure against Natia Kapanadze. Giga Chkhartishvili, who was appointed by the "Georgian Dream" quota in the Council and Irakli Dartsmelidze, appointed by the National Movement quota, who was dissociated with the opposition party.They were able to convince other members of the board that the GPB director is a bad manager. Only one member of the council opposed Kapanadze"s impeachment.
The civil sector thinks that the impeachment of the director was a politically managed process and is beyond the problem of one media outlet . The NGOs openly said that Natia Kapanadze, as an independent editorial policy advocate, has been removed from the broadcaster.
In parallel to the noisy meeting, the cameramen on the Adjara TV went on strike. They demand salaries, and Natia Kapanadze was the main addressee of the complaints.Political opposition is convinced that the processes developed in Adjara broadcasting are managed. However, the ruling party claims that independent media is one of its priorities.The competition will be announced in 10 days in the Adjara Public Broadcaster. The media has already reported unofficial information that Tornike Mzhavanadze, who is a member of the election commission of Adjara, is being prepared for this post.