23 October 2019,   01:40
Tornike Mzhavanadze, the representative of " Georgian Dream" is expected to take position of Adjara TV director

Tornike Mzhavanadze will replace Natia Kapanadze in the position of Director of the Adjara Public Broadcaster.
He represented Georgian Dream in the Supreme Election Commission of Adjara. According to the spread information, Tornike Mzhavanadze will occupy vacant post of Adjara TV Director General.
As for Natia Kapanadze, she was dismissed by 4 votes against one at today"s board meetings. It is known that the former director of the Adjara Public Broadcaster will appeal the decision and GYLA will defend her interests in the court.Third sector representatives say that the process is of political nature and the appointment of a person related to the party instead of Kapanadzewill threaten the independent functioning of the TV company.
" If a new director is selected and this person will be linked to any political group or its activities in the recent past If this period is in connection with political activities, this will be another step back for the Adjara Public Broadcaster. Such decisions and such persons , I do not speak about Mr. Mzhavanadze now , I speak in general, always damage the environment of media independence, "Sulkhan Saladze said.
Director of the Georgian Press Association links this fact to upcoming elections . Lasha Tughushi states that the ruling party did not want to have an independent person as the head of TV in this case.
Executive director of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics of Georgia also responds to the decision of the Board of Trustees of Adjara. Nata Dzvelishvili says that at today"s session she could not hear any argument that Natia Kapanadze should resign.