23 October 2019,   01:17
We will get the Supreme Court which will be under the control of the government - Salome Samadashvili about the law on judges

Discussion on the draft law for the lifetime appointment of judges comes to an end. The issue, which has already become a reason for political protest in the majority of the Georgian Dream coalition, is now being discussed by the lawmakers with the second reading.

In the final version of the draft law, the most important points of the Venice Commission"s recommendations were not included, so today"s meeting will be the first precedent when the Public Defender will address the legislative body on her own initiative and submit her proposals to the MPs on their own initiative.

The opposition criticizes the ruling party and claims that the Venice Commission"s recommendations are not reflected in Georgian Dream"s draft, and those details, which are reflected, will be only technically considered.

Salome Samadashvili, the deputy chairperson of National Movement faction says that the Supreme Court will still be obedient to the government. According to her, the members of the parliamentary majority will select judges, who are clan members.