16 December 2019,   17:38
Ia Kerzaia"s Case - Bachana Shengelia says after familiarizing with the investigation materials that the investigating agency does not actually investigate the case

Bachana Shengelia, the son of the deceased Ia Kerzaia, did not receive answers to the questions despite the fact that he saw the investigative materials regarding Ia Kirzaia"s death case. After 4-month of waiting , the chief prosecutor"s office introduced the case to Ia Kirzaia"s son, but after leaving the investigative agency, the son of the deceased director of the Public School in Zugdidi said that the Prosecutor"s Office does not investigate the case.Prosecutor"s Office does not study the political motives of pressure on Ia Kerzaia and does not question the witnesses in the case and does not carry out the expertise.
Today, Bachana Shengelia did not find the interrogation protocol of the head of the Zugdidi Resource Center, Kakhaber Partsvania.
Shengelia has been claiming for more than 4 months, that the political pressure on Ia Kerzaia was carried out by Kakhaber Partsvania. However, the investigative body has not asked Shengelia this question till now.
Bachana Shengelia imposed full responsibility for the death of Director of Public Schoo # 6 on Mamuka Bakhtadze and demanded the detention of Education Minister.