23 October 2019,   01:16
MP of Georgian Dream : The Venice Commission has no right to interfere with our political life

Position of Georgian Dream members differs on the conclusion of the Venice Commission.

The majority meets Bidzina Ivanishvili at the moment. The Venice Commission recommendations are being discussed at the meeting.

A part of the participants says that the team will envisage some recommendations, which are in the document. However, there are recommendations, which contradict the constitution.

" I believe that most remarks should be taken into consideration, but there are issues that are essentially contrary to the Constitution. Of course, this kind of remarks cannot simply be taken into consideration, "Dimitri Khundadze said.

Karlo Kopaliani does not recognize the conclusion and recommendations of the Venice Commission. A member of the ruling party states that the parliamentary majority is not obliged to comply with anyone"s instructions.