23 October 2019,   01:27
Government prepares for falsification of elections in Zugdidi - Bachuki Kardava speaks abuts-called "Carousel" scheme

Bachuki Kardava, the member of the United Oppositionspeaks about the scheme of rigging elections in Zugdidi.

Bachuki Kardava held a briefing today in the territory of former school # 12. The member of the opposition says, that According to the Central Election Commission there are 100 voters living in the building of school, which does not exist any more. Church is being constructed on the spot.

The opposition member says that the authorities in Zugdidi Prepare for the so-called carousels.

The DEC responded to the United Opposition.
A Chairman of # 67 Zugdidi DEC says that ,if there are such problems in the voter lists and they will be informed until May 5, the DEC will take necessary measures and remove voters from the list.