05 July 2020,   12:12
Members of the US House Chamber Delegation begin meetings in Tbilisi

Members of the US House Chamber Representative Delegation begin meetings in Tbilisi. They will meet with the Chairman and MPs today. Legislative methods, challenges and ongoing issues will be discussed at the meeting. The delegation will also get familiar with the issues affecting the security and stability of state management.
"They are interested in internal reforms in the parliament, especially those internal parliamentary controls and supervision that have been activated recently," said Vice-Speaker Tamar Chugoshvili.
Opposition talks about meeting current congressmen.
"It is very important that this delegation of Congress be explained the challenges faced by our state in terms of security and democracy. Because the elections are approaching, these elections will have enormous significance for the Euro-Atlantic future of our country, "said Ms. Salome Samadashvili, member of the UNM.