19 April 2019,   02:24
Impudence and threat to Clergy - Analysts Assess Salome Zurabishvili"s Statements

The government-backed presidential candidate Salome Zurabichvili openly opposes the clergy.

The Georgian Dream"s favorite says she does not like the Church"s acute position on some issues. Zurabichvili tells the high priests directly that in case of presidency the church will not interfere in the affairs of the secular authorities. The Presidential Candidate backed by Georgian Dream reminds members a concordat to the Holy Synod members and says that the church should not interfere in the affairs of the secular authorities and that is not their case.

"Impudence" - that is how analysts assess Salome Zurabichvili"s attitude.

" This is the biggest impudence, which I have ever heard in Georgian policy. The Church has always played an important role in the development of the Georgian state.
This is a team decision, perhaps Georgian Dream" does not appreciate the position of the clergy in particular issues, "said Gocha Mirtskhulava.