19 April 2019,   03:15
"The fact that Georgia allefedly started the war is unacceptable for me" - Archbishop Melkesidek joins the protests of the high priests

The protest of the clergy continues and every day becomes more and more massive. This time Archbishop Melkisidek recommends to the parish to make a wise decision at October 28 election.

The Metropolitan of Margvetio and Ubbi says that the clergy do not give a direct reference, however, calli on the parish to make the right choice.

"The fact that Georgia started war is unacceptable for me, for the last two centuries, Georgia has been fighting for its survival and everything will be sorted ou. The Georgian nation is wise and will definitely decide what our country needs.
Today Metropolitan of Poti and Khobi called on the parish to make a critical decision and make the right decision.

In his sermons, the Patriarch"s chaplain Jacob and the Metropolitan of the Chokondi Petre talked against the candidate supported by the ruling team.