27 June 2019,   13:58
Attack on editor of the newspaper Liberal - "Vardiashvili questioned at Police Department until late night

The investigative actions related to the attack on the editor of the "Liberal" in Isani-Samgori Police Department lasted until late last night.

Investigators showed pictures to  Zurab Vardiashvili, but he was unable to recognize the suspects.

"I do not know any additional details. I was asked to recognize attackers, I was shown photoss though the investigation knew I had no chance to se their faces in the first place.

The investigator told me that he did not want to overrun the events, but tomorrow morning I would get the answer, "said Vardiashvili.

Suspected police officers were allegedly arrested. Investigation is in progress.

Several people attacked the editor of Liberali on Saturday. According to one of the versions, Vardiashvili was taken for another person.