19 April 2019,   02:20
"I"m surprised that people still ask the question who started the war, it"s obvious that it was Russia " - Matthew Bryza

"I"m surprised that people are still asking the question about who started the war, it"s obvious that it was Russia," said the director of the International Center for Tallinn Studies and former US Assistant Secretary of State.

Matthew Bryza spoke about the 2008 Russia-Georgia war and noted that Russia had provoked the conflict over the years.

Bryza is surprised that there is still a question about who started the August war.

"they used all kinds of legal, political and military resources for provocations. The Russians pushed the Ossetians to shoot at the Russian peacekeepers and thus put Georgia into a deadlock situation. The shooting lasted for weeks, and the fire became intense after the Georgian forces were attacked by Ossetian militia. They opened fire on Georgians behind Russian peacekeepers. This was followed by escalation of the conflict. Ukrainians showed restraint and did not shoot one bullet, but lost Crimea, "Mathew Bryza said.