20 April 2019,   22:53
Targeted Provocation - Ucha Mamatsashvili Responds to Accusations of TV Company "Iberia" and "Omega Group"

Ucha Mamatsashvili responds to allegations of TV company Iberia and Omega Group. In his statement, he says that he has "no special influence" and Omega Group is trying to get benefits.

According to Ucha Mamatsashvili, there is a deliberate provocation from Omega Group"s leadership.

Mamatsashvili calls on the Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia to start investigation of the case.

"Legends regarding mine, the so called "special influence" are not new and are they are periodically created by people who want to get illicit benefits through this legend. There is no exception in the recent episode of the Omega group. I do not know, in particular, we are dealing with the provocations directed by the Omega Group leader, with the unhealthy interests of the former senior or fraud. However, in some cases, someone obviously tried to use my name in questionable and illegal deals and this campaign has a clear political appeal. Therefore, I appeal to the Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia to immediately launch an investigation into the fact and give an exhaustive answer to the legitimate questions raised in the society, "Ucha Mamatsashvili said in a statement.

Rustavi2 has received another audio recording where Ucha Mamatsashvili, the cousin of former Prime Minister of Georgia, Bidzina Ivanishvili, has been identified.

Reliable source claims that former sports minister and founder of Omega Group are talking to each other. In the record Levan Kipiani confirms that Mamatsashvili could solve the Omega Group"s problems and demanded 2 million instead.