19 September 2018,   07:07
18-09-2018 21:25
Millions of Lari of Unreasonable Expenditure - Audit publishes 26-page critical conclusion on the work of the Ministry of Economy
18-09-2018 21:15
Elite Corruption Risks in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Audit Service publishes scandalous conclusion
18-09-2018 19:23
Members of the PACE Monitoring Committee visit the occupation line
18-09-2018 19:10
New service introduced for IDP citizens in the houses of justice
18-09-2018 18:40
11 NGOs call on the Parliament to share the conclusion of the investigative commission
18-09-2018 18:08
"The fact that Georgia allefedly started the war is unacceptable for me" - Archbishop Melkesidek joins the protests of the high priests
18-09-2018 18:04
CEC sends list of supporters of the presidential candidate for "State for People" to prosecutors` office for verification.
18-09-2018 16:07
" Goodbye" - Minister of Internal Affairs does not answer the question about launching investigation against Mikheil Kalandia
18-09-2018 15:53
Presidential candidate of the United Opposition meet locals in Khvibisi and Khertvisi
18-09-2018 15:43
"Abolition of the faction does not mean that the Vice-Speaker will lose her position" - Giorgi Kakhiani
18-09-2018 15:19
"This does not apply to only one TV company and one business company" - Ombudsman states that content of scandalous recordings is disturbing
18-09-2018 15:07
"It is important to determine whether these individuals are involved in this process" - Tsulukiani"s case and scandalous record regarding "Iberia"
18-09-2018 14:54
So-called Black Book for riggers - Shalva Natelashvili"s initiative
18-09-2018 14:50
"Society faces a serious choice" - Archbishop Grigol calls the parish to critical thinking in the pre-election period
18-09-2018 12:34
"It is necessary to separate the authority of the investigator and the prosecutor" - Sopho Verdzeuli
18-09-2018 12:32
Davit Bakradze met with voters in Gardabani
18-09-2018 12:27
There is no clear margin between investigative activities and prosecutor"s supervision - Shalva Tadumadze
18-09-2018 12:15
"I rule out Bidzina Ivanishvili"s involvement," - Eka Beselia assesses new scandalous record rgarding "Iberia"
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