23 March 2019,   08:53
22-03-2019 18:49
Tatunashvili"s murder and illegal detention of people - meeting in Ergneti ended
22-03-2019 18:44
"Fady Asly made a biased political statement" - Irakli Kobakhidze
22-03-2019 18:35
"I am sure that I will have the greatest support in Zugdidi," said Sandra Roelofs
22-03-2019 17:59
" It is an excellent medical diagnosis regarding the informal ruler of this country" - Grigol Vashadze speaks about FOX NEWS article
22-03-2019 16:06
She can hold rallies with Shalva Shavgulidze and Gigi Ugulava - Kobakhidze speaks about Beselia
22-03-2019 15:29
Attempt to draw a picture of apocalypse - PM does not agree with the opposition that crime has increased
22-03-2019 15:24
Zugdidi Mayor Elections -Sandra Roelofs to be Candidate from United Opposition
22-03-2019 15:12
This is all because of the political context, this is opposition"s narrative - Giorgi Gakharia speaks about criminal situation
22-03-2019 14:30
"Who has created this criminal mentality - maybe your informal ruler Bidzina Ivanishvili?" - Salome Samadashvili addresses parliamentary majority
22-03-2019 13:31
Noisy confrontation in Lentekhi - locals do not allow government officials to hold public hearings
22-03-2019 13:07
We have confirmed that we have counted the votes properly, all the allegations were empty words - Zhvania
22-03-2019 12:42
"We do not have electoral flaws, we just can not run the elections," Usupashvili
22-03-2019 12:36
Hotel building is burning on Kostava Street - evacuation of citizens is underway
22-03-2019 12:26
"Our country is more and more like Putinist autocratic state" - Bokuchava responds to Kobakhidze"s statement
22-03-2019 12:05
"Formulation of question in such way is an attempt to mislead the society" - the journalist"s question irritates Prime Minister
22-03-2019 12:03
Fascist and Bolshevik Statements - Kobakhidze attacks Director general of Rustavi 2 and NGOs
22-03-2019 11:41
Blackmail and pressure on business - President of the International Chamber of Commerce addresses the Prime Minister
22-03-2019 09:18
"She does not know herself what she is saying" - Machalikashvili about Tsulukiani
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